Stephen King Photography

Fine Art Asia 2016

Posted 3rd October, 2016

Thrilled to be of four Hong Kong-based photographers to be selected this year by Boogie Woogie Photography to exhibit at Fine Art Asia, a leading international fine art fair held annually in Hong Kong. Boogie Woogie Photography was founded by Vanessa Franklin and Xavier Mahe, two French expats, who formed the company specifically to promote photography in HK.  Their booth this year (D6) is the first one at Fine Art Asia to be devoted exclusively to photography. Vanessa herself is an accomplished photographer, and also one of the four exhibiting works.  The other two artists are Elaine Liu and John Fung. I am impressed with all my fellow exhibitors' works and I think together all of the images fit together nicely.  I have two prints on exhibition: "River Delta 8", which was first exhibited at Alisan Fine Arts last December (where 2 of 10 total editions were sold) and "Bamboo Forest", a new black & white image which I made in Kyoto earlier this year.  I also have two others available for viewing:  "Aldyerfoss", which was exhibited at Art Basel in March (1 edition has been sold) and "Seagull in Flight", which was also exhibited at Alisan (2 editions have been sold).  The fair will continue for two more days so please stop by the HK Convention Centre on the 5th Floor to have a look.  Many thanks to Vanessa and Xavier!