Stephen King Photography

Landscape Photography Magazine

Posted 5th March, 2017

Pleased to have one of my images from Svalbard selected by Landscape Photography Magazine for their February 2017 Winter Wonderland Gallery issue.  I spent nine days last September with a fantastic group of photographers sailing around Svalbard and the polar pack ice on board the MS Stockholm.  This particular image was shot at New London, a long abandoned mining town on Spitsbergen.  I almost did not take this shot as it had begun to rain and the rest of our group had already begun to climb down to the beach, eager to head back to our ship.  However, I felt that the alignment of the icebergs in this scene was just too good to pass up.  I was also drawn to the drama of the storm clouds and the solitude of the lone hut. I really enjoyed exploring New London and was pleased to leave the "town" with three unique images that I really like (at least I have not seen similar ones).  Here is the link to the magazine.  The Winter Wonderland Gallery is available as a free download.